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Who is Hussain partners with Australian Red Cross Lifeblood in a Global campaign to save 150,000 lives

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Australians will attempt to break the world record on Saturday, August 27 in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide for the most blood donations in one calendar day.

Global Blood Heroes Day is a worldwide campaign to save lives and build greater awareness about the urgent need to donate blood. Blood donations are being cancelled or unattended because of colds, flu and COVID.

A recent Lifeblood survey reveals that most Australians underestimate how much donated blood is needed each year in Australia, while also vastly over-estimating the number of people who donate.

Hoping to save the lives of 150,000 people at a time when blood supplies are being challenged, Global Blood Heroes Day aims to rally 50,000 blood donors across six continents.

The global charity Who is Hussain is partnering with Australian Red Cross Lifeblood donor centres to encourage blood donations.

Who is Hussain is a grassroots social justice charity inspired by the legacy of Hussain ibn Ali, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad to inspire and build compassionate communities.

“We are excited to see Australians taking part in this ambitious worldwide effort. We need Global Blood Heroes to come forward and save lives. 33,000 blood and plasma donations are needed every single week in Australia just to meet patient demand. We hope many people will join the cause and give blood on the day.” said Lifeblood Donor Services Executive Director Cath Stone.

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