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10 holiday gifts from the women of Global Sisters

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Happily Made from Global Sisters

As Christmas draws near and we get closer to the end of one very challenging year, it is time to get barefoot, breathe, relax, spend time with those you love and connect with nature.  

For many it is also a time to bestow gifts, and it is a great time to find something to give that comes with a story and love.  

Global Sisters support Australian women who are working towards financial independence and face barriers to mainstream employment. We support small business and encourage values of being community minded, kind to animals and eco-conscious.  

In this article, we are going to discuss 10 items that will be excellent gifts for your loved ones this season, all coming from the women of Global Sisters. Each sale will go directly to the women behind the products and will contribute to their financial independence.  

Most products are made in Australia and most are handmade. You can read about the woman behind your beautiful purchase on the Marketplace and know that with every purchase you are buying directly from a woman-led small business and supporting her, her family and her community. Support the women of Global Sisters and and #BackHerBrilliance this Christmas.  

$7 Native Flower Seeds by The Backyard Enthusiast 

Backyard Enthusiast from Global Sisters

A favourite Australian native perennial that is outstanding in any garden. Golden globes on long stems with grey-green strappy foliage will be a lovely addition to your space and add a splash of colour that will delight the senses. Planting notes printed on packet. 

$25 Energize Bush Tea by Goanna Hut  

Goanna Hut from Global Sisters

The Energize Bush Tea is sweet and tart, like cranberry in flavour with a hint of clove undertoneand added Pomegranate fruit to add sweetness. It also has Green tea leaf, which is a great alternative to black tea. it has not undergone processing which is why it retains its colour and it is less bitter and has a slight sweetness. 

$35 Harvest Candle by Movinka  

Movinka from Global Sisters

Save yourself the airfare and let Tuscany take you away to the vineyards and fruit groves of central Italy. Where golden rays of sunshine light up rows of fig trees, and a sweet, earthy aroma fills the air. 

With each purchase comes is a free and exclusive FLAME TO FLORA seed kit, so you can recycle our jars after use and grow a new life on your windowsill. 

$39.95 SEED Zero drink, Clovendoe Distilling Co.  

Clovendoe Distilling Co. from Global Sisters

SEED Zero is a low-alcoholic (0% ABV) botanical spirit handcrafted in our traditional copper pot still and contains no sugar, gluten or additives. For an earthy drink, serve with soda or tonic water. If you’re looking for something more playful, mix with ginger beer or sparkling blood orange. 

$40 Pinch Pot Set, Memory Box  

Memory Box from Global Sisters

These simple and organic handmade forms are a celebration of the tactile nature of clay. Their raw surfaces – soft and warm to the touch – remind the user of the earth from which they were formed. Perfect for individual salt and pepper servings or table condiments. 

$40 Angel, Sculptures of the Earth 

Sculptures of the Earth from Global Sisters

Adorable handmade macramé angels made using a variety of different raw materials. Perfect for your Christmas tree or fireplace decorations!  

$40 Organic Miso trio by Cooking with Koji  

Cooking with Koji from Global Sisters

Combination miso of 3 different type of popular misos. Great set for miso biginners to try all different kinds. It comes with most popular Organic brown rice miso, another popular Organic garlic miso, and unique Organic peanut miso. 

$42 Geisha Earrings by Tomi Art 

Tomi Art from Global Sisters

These unique earrings are hand crafted and woven using a traditional twine from Japan called Washi (Japanese handmade paper. The Washi can be transformed into gorgeous shapes and is very durable and strong. 

$67 Koko & Lala Koalas by Happily Made  

Happily Made from Global Sisters

These two koalas are our cuddliest Happily Made family members with the fluffiest ears! Perfect for Aussie kids or to send overseas as a thoughtful gift. 

$145 The Kimberley Scarf by Eva Nargoodah  

Eva Nargoodah from Global Sisters

Stand out with this gorgeous naturally bush dyed silk scarf. This has been hand-dyed and sewn by our Sister Eva who is part of the Nargoodah Family. This particular hand dyeing technique is unique in Aboriginal art and is a textile tradition. 



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