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ChildFund Australia encourages families to help transform children’s lives

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ChildFund Australia

As the Christmas shopping rush begins, ChildFund Australia is encouraging Australians to consider giving a Gift for Good this year. Buying a Gift for Good will help support children living in poverty and disadvantage in Australia’s neighbouring countries, many of whom have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

ChildFund Australia CEO Margaret Sheehan said that time and again, Australians have proven their generosity and come together to help their neighbours in developing countries.

“Christmas is very special in our culture, so it is always heartening to see that many Australians think of others and look to different and more meaningful ways of giving at this time.

“People are more and more turning to ethical and meaningful presents – like donating to other families in need. When you gift someone a donation you made in their name, I think it is truly inspiring – a transformative sharing of love and joy that crosses borders in the true spirit of Christmas.

“For children in the countries that ChildFund Australia works in, these gifts provide truly constructive, life-changing support – in areas like health, nutrition, sanitation, safety and education.

“ChildFund Australia has just launched its 2021 Gifts for Good catalogue which has all sorts of special gifts for people to purchase as a donation to children and families in the developing countries in which we work. This year we have COVID-19 protection kits, hand washing stations, birthing kits, school supplies, fruit tree and vegetable seed stocks.

“2021 has been challenging for countries around the globe, as the pandemic has left vulnerable communities stripped of food security, access to safe health services and educational opportunities.

“Each item in ChildFund’s Gifts for Good Christmas catalogue is there to address critical needs in these communities and to help people become self-reliant over the long term.

“With Gifts for Good, everyday Australians can choose to make a long-lasting impact without having to battle the Christmas rush at the shops. Each gift comes with a card for the recipient that tells them how they have made a difference.

“Not only are ethical gifts environmentally sustainable, when you opt for something like ChildFund’s Gifts for Good, you also have the power to impact the lives of those in need.” Sheehan said.

The newly released 2021 Gifts for Good catalogue contains various relief and support packages curated to assist disadvantaged communities in neighbouring countries such as Vietnam, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste. You can explore the range of gifts here:


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