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New child protection toolkit for NFPs

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Not-for-profit organisations now have access to the Child Protection Toolkit, a resource designed to promote child safety and prevent institutionalised child abuse.

Victorian law firm Moores and not-for-profit hub Our Community released the kit in the wake of new Victorian legislation that came into effect for many education, disability, religious bodies, sport and maternal and healthcare service providers in January.

The resource should be read by school council members, principals and senior teachers as well as senior managers and board members of any NFP that works with children, the groups said.

“With a rise in the number of Australian children receiving child protection services each year, it is vital these new laws are understood and taken seriously so we as a community can work together to reduce this number year-on-year,” said Catherine Brooks, Lead author and Principal at Moores.

Brooks said organisations that download the kit and implement its strategies, policies and procedures will be taking the “first valuable step toward preventing child abuse”.

The toolkit explains the Victorian changes as well as the wider legislative context, and sets out how NFPs can meet compulsory obligations as well as make sure they provide a safe environment for children.

To download the toolkit, click

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