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ALPs new policy in support of NFP sector

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The ALPs recent policy has shown support of the NFP sector. The policy includes the re-establishment of a national compact; support for a one stop shop national regulator; reduced red tape and duplication; support for volunteers and an increasing emphasis on the government engaging positively and proactively with charities and the not-for-profit sector.

Tim Costello CEO of World Vision and David Crosbie CEO of CCA have joined many charities and NFP organisations in welcoming the policy announcement from the ALP.

“This is a very pleasing policy announcement. The charities and NFP sector are a vital part of every Australian community, as well as employing over one million Australians and contributing almost 5 per cent to our GDP,” said Costello.

“Ensuring this very important sector can get on with supporting the communities they serve should be a policy goal of all governments.

“The policy announced by the ALP is clearly a positive step forward in building stronger community organisations, supporting volunteers and developing a more productive relationship between the government and charities across Australia.”

Crosbie said, “CCA welcomes the ALP policy and the recognition of the vital role played by charitable and NFP organisations across Australian communities.”

“Politicians often boast of their community connections, citing their involvement in charities as a real positive, but during election campaigns, it seems many of the issues that are important for charities fall well below the political radar,” said Crosbie.

“The charities and NFP sector employs over a million Australians and the future of this sector is vital to both our economic and our social well-being.”

CCA and the National Press Club of Australia will be running a national debate on 14th of June, about the future of the charities and NFP sector. Costello, Andrew Leigh (Shadow Assist Treasurer), Sen. Rachel Siewert, and a representative of the Coalition will be presenting in a facilitated discussion.


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