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ALPGA announces new CEO

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“I am very proud to be afforded the opportunity to serve and represent the Association, and to be working within a dynamic and critically important industry,” said Carmody.

Upon his appointment, Carmody expressed the importance of successful and unified advocacy of the industry’s interests to Government, placing ALPGA at the centre of such movements.

“Our ability to advocate the value and relevance of our industry to Government and, in turn, influence the development of Australia’s energy and related taxation policies, will be critical to the long-term future of the industry and our respective business interests,” he said.

ALPGA’s President James Batchen welcomed “[Carmody’s] breadth of experience in
association management and the development of government relations, and his direct exposure to international standards.”

Carmody brings with him unique credentials, having served as a senior officer in the Australian Defence Forces, numerous appointments as CEO in the international corporate sector and extensive association management experience.

Carmody replaces Stephen Woodward who left the ALPGA in May, 2009.

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