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New way to improve the financial literacy of community leaders

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Responding to the lack of affordable or accessible training courses available to the third sector, the new course is an interactive online financial management training course, specifically designed for leaders of non-profit organisations.

The course will give each participant the resources to understand and prudently manage the financial operations of its organisation: financial statements, GST, audits, budgets through to risk management and much more. It’s perfect for non-profit leaders who don’t have a background in accounting.

The exclusively online course offers the equivalent content of one full day’s face-to-face training. Condensed into two online sessions which include audio instructions, activities and exercises, dynamic tables and illustrations, the course also includes three real-time tutorials with professional online trainers.

All participants are supported by experts in both technology and finance, ensuring the online learning experience is as accessible as possible.

The introductory course price is $250 per student.

Spaces are strictly limited.
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