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Australian Social Trends: report

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Australian Social Trends, published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) features articles on the eight key social issues of major and ongoing concern as outlined in the ABS Wellbeing Framework, which include summary tables featuring key social indicators; comparisons of social trends across states and territories; and a set of international tables comparing Australia with 17 other countries.

In brief

Expanding links with China and India

Looks at the recent and projected increase in Australia’s Chinese and Indian populations, as well as the growing links from travel and trade.

Children who are overweight or obese

As participation in organised sport has decreased, the number of Australian children who are overweight or obese has increased four per cent from 1995 figures to 25 per cent

Carers and employment

Caring versus earning: looks at the pressures on carers in Australia, addressing time-pressures, superannuation and earning responsibilities

People with more than one job
Considers whether there are adverse effects on the family and social lives of those who work multiple jobs

Work, life and family balance
Are Australian families maintaining the balance?

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