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Boating industry forms national alliance

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The purpose of the alliance is to promote and advance the interests of boating industry members on national issues through a number of measures, including advocacy to the Federal Government, the development of national policies on issues that affect the boating industry, co-ordination with other federal bodies on matters of federal interest and the promotion of the recreational boating industry in Australia.

“Key national advocacy priorities include marine parks and the national bioregional planning process, national safety standards, grey imports and changes to emissions legislation,” said Darren Vaux, a Director of BIA NSW and spokesman for the Alliance.

Vaux said that the boating industry has a growing strategic importance across metropolitan and regional Australia through its economic, social and environmental contribution.

He said that the industry contributes approximatley $4.1 billion to the Australian economy, including $1.3 billion in exports, and also generates over $13 billion in spending.

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