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Building Tasmania’s taste for event success

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The Tasmanian Visitor Survey recorded a 33 per cent increase in visitor numbers to Tasmania for the business events sector in the September 2009 quarter, with an overall increase of 24 per cent in 2009.

Chairman of the Tasmanian Convention Bureau (TCB) Tony Hart says: “As Tasmania’s peak marketing body for business events, the Bureau competes on a global scale for national and international business events in a highly competitive marketplace.”

The TCB is a not-for-profit, membership based organisation that assists event organisers to stage business events in Tasmania.

Hart is thrilled with the results of the Tasmanian Visitor Survey. The TCB itself won bids for 76 business events this financial year, and Hart is looking forward to the positive implications for the island state.

“Business events create an enormous economic benefit for the local economy, not only directly to the venues and services that the event employs, but also to the many local businesses that experience the benefits of delegates spending – from retail outlets to the corner store,” Hart says.

“There are also significant social benefits to bringing a business event into the state, in particular, an improvement in Tasmania’s human capital; when an international association holds their conference in Tasmania, they bring with them knowledge and skills from around the globe and share this knowledge with the Tasmanian community. Likewise, the skills of Tasmanian industry members are showcased on the world stage.”

Hart adds that showcasing Tasmania’s industry strengths through a business event can lead to investment in these industries locally, international trade opportunities and international recognition for Tasmanians.

With so many business events to be held at the TCB and in Tasmania in 2010, Hart discusses two that he considers the most exciting. “Most significant perhaps is the Professional Conference Organisers Association conference to be held in Hobart in December. Professional Conference Organisers are the primary target market for the TCB as these are the key decision makers for most business events.

“This conference will provide an opportunity for Tasmania to showcase its strengths as a destination and the TCB will be hosting pre and post conference familiarisations around the state for approved clients.

“Tasmania is also host to the Australian Tourism Export Council conference in 2010 – another significant opportunity for the state to showcase its abilities as a sensational business events and leisure travel destination.”

Objectives of the Tasmanian Convention Bureau:

  • To market Tasmania as an attractive, viable and competitive destination to the business events market.
  • To maximise the economic benefit of business events to the Tasmanian economy and its members by attracting more delegates and encouraging pre- and post- conference touring.
  • To encourage the development of quality business events products and services to enhance Tasmania’s appeal as a business events destination.

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