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Community and Seniors Events Calendars – bringing communities together

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Website creator Ania Lian developed the Seniors Events Calendar and the Community Events Calendar in response to what she saw as an information gap.

The calendars provide a searchable database of local and national events. They also provide a free outlet for smaller organisations without websites to gain an online presence and increase visibility.

“Typically, events are advertised on individual websites and only a selected few are listed, due to the work involved. This means that a lot of local events, often perceived as ‘low key’, are not featured online,” said Lian.

“The Seniors & Community Calendars overcome this problem. They do so by ‘cutting out the middle man’ and enabling organisations themselves to insert their own events directly online into the calendars.

“The calendars will help enhance the visibility of those listed events. Also, the least resourced organisations that have no websites of their own, or their branches – such as local Vinnies’ shops – have an easy way to reach out to the wider community.”

Lian is aware that many seniors do not access the internet, but doesn’t see this as a significant drawback. “While it might not be the 80-year-old searching for community events, children, grandchildren and more internet savvy friends will find the online tool valuable for helping their loved ones stay connected.”

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