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Industry association ANBF closes its doors

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The ANBF, established to further the interests of private sector companies in the business of nanotechnology in Australia, ceases operations four years after its inception.

All residual funds are to be given to the Australian Research Council Nanotechnology Network for use and support of the industry at International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2010.

In a media statement, Chairman Dr Erol Harvey said: “The ANBF leaves a track record of achievements it can be proud of. This includes: missions to overseas events which increasingly saw more business involvement and product exposure; workshops on health and safety related issues; advocacy to Federal and State governments and influence on policy; MOUs with overseas business alliance counterparts; information events and newsletters; and much more.

“The ANBF as a cohesive structure may be gone but to all who are and will continue to work in this area we encourage you to look for opportunities both in Australia and overseas. The ANBF will leave a gap behind opening up the possibility of a new way for government, industry and academia to work together so that Australia remains at the forefront of meeting both the challenges and opportunities that nanotechnology offers.”

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