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Connecting Up: 5 not-for-profit technology topics that you need to know more about

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During the Connecting Up 2011 conference, to be held from 1–3 June 2011 in Melbourne at the Crown Conference Centre, there will be a number of expert presenters and speakers explaining the benefits and uses of these technologies to employees, decision makers, contractors, and other stakeholders in the not-for-profit , charity, and community sectors.

Below is a list of the speakers, and the technologies they will be speaking on, from the Connecting Up 2011 program:

  • Keynote speaker Holly Ross (ICT planning) will be presenting on how to lead technology change in the sector
  • Keynote speaker Allen Gunn (Open source) will be holding an interactive session on the impact of Open Source software in the not-for-profit sector
  • Ravi Shetty (Google Australia) and Ian Ryder (appiChar) will be speaking on Cloud Computing
  • Christian Stanta (TACSI), Michael Dovey (AroundYou), Sarah Pulis (Media Access Australia), and Tim Molloy (MYOB) will be speaking on web accessibility and building websites
  • Darren Rowse (Blogging for Good) and Shai Coggins (Growing your social media) will be presenting on social media.

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