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Professional development for less than $6 per month

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While an e-news is invaluable for readers to keep in touch and quickly stay abreast of sector developments, it is the magazine which provides real professional development benefit, including best-practice case studies and expert commentary from sector leaders.

Each edition covers topics of governance, leadership, paperwork, legal and financial issues, IT, HR, marketing, business development software and events.

It is also affordable for not-for-profits – the subscription rate of $69 for the year works out to less than $6 per month!

The magazine format also means it can be easily passed around the office to share the knowledge (and can be read on the train!)

In the May edition:

  • Volunteer management in times of crisis
  • Member relations: the Australian Counselling Association shares its secret
  • Good governance in sporting organisations
  • How to host international events
  • Tax exemption considerations you need to know
  • The true role of the board and how governance has been hijacked
  • Guide to public holiday and penalty rates
  • And much more!
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