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Creative Innovation 2010

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Labelled as a conference which is ‘a place to imagine the future’, CI 2010 will bring over 35 speakers together, including Edward de Bono, Edward Luttwak, US Strategies, Patrick McGorry, Australian of the Year, Mark Scott, Managing Director of the ABC, Austin Williams, architect of the Future Cities Project, and US Entrepreneur of the Year Dr Peter Farrell.

The event will:

  • Provide insights and techniques for developing personal and organisational creativity
  • Demonstrate strategies and processes for creating organisational performance, productivity and wellbeing
  • Showcase best-practice solutions and ideas for the development of innovative futures for community, business and government
  • Bring together a diverse range of leaders and emerging talent to develop cross-disciplinary solutions to effect change in organisations and communities.

There is also a pre-conference day of Deep Conversations and Master Classes. Gala Concerts and acclaimed artists will also contribute to make this a unique event.

Founder Tania de Jong AM says that creativity is critical for Australia to make the transition to a sustainable economy based on knowledge and innovation.

“Creativity is also vital for unlocking human potential and increasing wellbeing. Innovation is vital for organisations exposed to globalisation, increasing competition, diversity among consumers and rapidly changing technologies,” she says.

As a special for Third Sector readers, CI 2010 is offering a ten per cent discount on the conference and all related events. When registering please go to promotional code and add in:
Username: Ci2010
Password: Imagine

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