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Domino’s registered charity announces partnership with Disaster Relief Australia

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Disaster Relief Australia

Domino’s registered charity Give for Good has today announced a one-year partnership with Disaster Relief Australia (DRA), an Australian charity that lends a helping hand to vulnerable communities before and after extreme weather events and leads disaster resilience and preparedness workshops across the country.

Led by Australian Defence Force veterans, DRA unites the powerful knowledge of veterans and the determination of emergency responders to provide rapid relief to affected areas following severe weather events and disasters, in turn helping communities rebuild. In addition, DRA, in Partnership with the Minderoo Foundation’s Fire & Flood Resilience initiative, is committed to ‘Project Resilience’, which aims to assist at least 34 vulnerable communities to be more resilient to natural hazards by 2025.

Disaster Relief Australia

With disasters becoming more frequent, DRA recognises the need for support not only post-disaster, but for resilience and preparedness workshops before a natural disaster occurs. With this in mind, Give for Good is proud to partner with DRA, contributing $100,000 over the next 12 months to the disaster relief organisation’s ‘Project Resilience’ goal by helping to fund DRA’s localised Service Projects and supporting resilience and preparedness workshops across the country.

Give for Good General Manager Bronwyn Spencer said the two charities share a common goal in not only wanting to help communities rebuild and recover following a disaster, but also in wanting to help everyone be as prepared as possible.

“Natural disasters are not uncommon occurrences in Australia and Give for Good, together with Domino’s, wants to support DRA’s efforts in preparing and aiding communities both pre- and post-disaster.

“Domino’s is always ready to provide safe, hot meals to first responders and emergency services volunteers, and through this partnership, Give for Good is going one step further in helping to support DRA’s Service Projects as well as resilience and preparedness workshops which help communities prepare for, and recover from, disasters.

“Give for Good is proud to support DRA’s exceptional veteran volunteers as they utilise their skills and military experience to provide a practical helping hand to prepare communities before a disaster occurs, helping to build resilience.”

DRA’s Chief Executive Officer Geoffrey Evans said that with the assistance of Give for Good, the organisation’s goal to safeguard communities for future disasters could become a reality.

“While we may not be able to control a disaster from occurring, there are pre-emptive steps that we can take to educate and empower our communities so that they are well prepared in the event of a disaster.

“Our work with Give for Good will contribute to building a more secure community, providing the funding needed to invest in more educational programs, support veterans to find new purpose post-service, provide volunteers an opportunity to give back, and prove once and for all that we are stronger, together.”

Give for Good secures much of its funding through Domino’s ‘Round Up for Charity’ initiative. Generous pizza lovers who wish to support Give for Good’s partnership with Disaster Relief Australia, along with other important Australian-based initiatives, are encouraged to round up their next Domino’s order when paying online and instore.

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