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Environmentally friendly cleaning product takes Aussie cleaning industry by storm

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Hudstone Home, the 100% Australian made and owned company selling environmentally friendly, ethical cleaning products is taking the Aussie cleaning industry by storm.

Steve Davis and mother Liz Davis first rebranded their family business into a modern, relevant and ethical company in 2018. What started as a commercial business 40 years ago, has now transformed into a thriving online eCommerce store and community with over 10,000 customers. After transitioning to eCommerce, they gave up their office location and now operate out of their family home in the Sutherland Shire, New South Wales.

Throughout2019, Hudstone Home made just $21k in revenue, before jumping to $150k in 2020. Now, this incredible family owned business is set to triple this number, bringing home a whopping $500k in revenue for 2021.

Hudstone Home’s products have a strong environmental focus. They have a no plastic policy, use carbon neutral shipping, compostable packaging and are cruelty free. They’ve even created nifty labels customers can download from their website to use on their own jars or plastic containers at home.

“We were tired of our products going through large commercial businesses who didn’t share the same environmental values as us. We wanted to go direct to our consumers, the people who are everyday greenies, just like us”. Said Liz, Founder of Hudstone Home.

Hudstone Home sells a range of environmentally friendly cleaning products online, ranging from laundry detergents and concentrates to eco friendly soaps, essential oils and value bundles. Their bestselling product is their \”Basic 2kg Starter Bundle\” of 100% pure washing powder.

This amazing company, with nothing but five star reviews, sponsor the Reef Restoration Foundation and donate 10% of their profits to this important cause. Environmental factors are not their only focus though.

“Our customer\’s health is just as important to us as our own health. In our lives, we have a health focus and wanted to share this with Australia. That’s why our products are fragrance free, contain no toxic chemicals and are greywater safe. Customer satisfaction is something we take very seriously.”

Liz believes washing your clothes, bedding and towels in laundry detergent that contains no nasty chemicals or fragrances is great for your skin and health, especially for those

Hudstone Home’s social following and engagement is also going from strength to strength. Liz’s helpful tips on cleaning, washing and getting out tough stains are only increasing this ethical company’s popularity.

For more information and to view the Hudstone Home product range, visit or see their Instagram page @hudstone_home.

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