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Event highlights female leadership in NFP sector

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Women comprise 85 per cent of the workforce in the not-for-profit (NFP) sector, and only 60 per cent of these hold senior management roles, mostly in smaller organisations. Although the sector is leading the way in gender equality, it still has a long way to go, with senior leadership roles predominantly held by men in large organisations. In order to attain and maintain senior leadership roles, women must continuously develop their leadership skills and identify opportunities for career advancement.

Leadership is a valuable skill at all levels and evidence suggests that it will contribute to organisational success regardless of rank or position in a hierarchy. Senior management obviously has a major impact upon outcomes, however there are also leadership contributions from people at all levels that drive success.

The Women in Not for Profit Leadership Summit 2014 will offer an impressive speaker faculty in order to address the challenges faced by women in transitioning to senior leadership positions whilst balancing work and personal goals.

The Summit will provide practical strategies on how women in the sector can increase their scope as influential leaders, maximise their networking opportunities and communicate effectively with stakeholders.

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