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Featured CEO: Third Sector Awards CEO of the Year Alison Covington

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Alison Covington

Alison’s dislike of waste and inequality keeps her going no matter how big the challenge. Her leadership has inspired Good360 Australia to become one of the largest online marketplaces where business’ can donate their brand-new surplus stock, which is then matched to people most in need. 

Before Alison introduced Good360 to the Australian market, there was no solution to the surplus retail problem in this country and Good360 has proved to be a true game-changer. 

Alison is continuously adapting the model and challenging her methodology to meet the size and scale of the problem, growing the business 50% year on year. She leads and empowers her team, challenging them out of their comfort zones to succeed in areas they didn’t expect and learn the skills along the way as she has done. 

Good360 is Australia’s largest online marketplace, matching business’ surplus brand-new goods to people most in need.

In just six years, over 300 retailers and manufacturers have signed on and donated over $188 million in brand new products, including essential toiletries, household items, clothing, shoes, PPE and stationery supplies, to name a few. In addition, their network of over 2,800 member charities and disadvantaged schools Australia-wide, across 31 cause areas, order the goods they need from the Good360 website with the ease of 24/7 access, saving time and precious budget. 

Thanks to Alison’s business model and vision, more than 21 million brand-new items have been matched to people in need, helping to provide dignity and equality.

Good360 Australia is well on the way to achieving Alison’s goal of matching $1 billion worth of brand-new goods to Australians in need by 2025.

Third Sector news got in touch with Alison to talk more about her strategies at Good360 and how she feels winning the 2021 Third Sector awards CEO of the Year.

What was your driving force to continue making a positive impact despite the difficult times?

Like many charity leaders, I am passionate about my cause, no matter how big the challenge is, passion is the driving force. I hate waste and inequality. I don’t understand in a country like ours why perfectly good brand-new goods would good to waste when there is so much need. In the last year, the need has grown, charities have been asking to step up, again and again, it has been exhausting – but how could we say no, we have the skills and the team to help, of course, we will find a way to say yes. We are doers. We are change-makers.

What tools helped you achieve your success?

Good360 Australia is a Not for Profit and Australia’s largest online marketplace where business’ can donate their brand-new surplus stock, which is then matched to people most in need. In 2020, we matched 13 items every minute, in response to the latest severe restrictions and lockdowns, the demand surged from our charities and schools threefold, and we matched 39 items a minute. We could only do this with the systems and processes we had developed since launching in 2015.

Technology is embedded in our culture, we are totally cloud base and have always been. We also don’t have a fear of failure and this enables the team to innovate and create solutions quickly to respond to the need.

My favourite tool is Slack. It reduces the clutter in our inboxes and helps to create quick action.

What can you say about winning the CEO of the Year for Third Sector Awards 2021?

I was so shocked and humbled to receive this award and recognition. CEO’s have worked so hard to lead teams through a year like no other. Teams have worked in times like no other. I also want to take a moment to recognise all the finalists, nominees and people who work in our wonderful industry. I am humbled to be recognised, but the industry needs to be thanked and recognised this year because they keep stepping up. I am proud to work with such kind, passionate and talented people at Good360 Australia and across the NFP sector. Thank you for all you do in your community. 

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Lourdes Antenor is an experienced writer who specialises in the not-for-profit sector and its affiliations. She is the content producer for Third Sector News, an online knowledge-based platform for and about the Australian NFP sector.


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  1. Heather Kennedy November 25, 2021

    Still amazed to see what you have achieved in such a short time. Your drive is truly inspiring. Congratulations Alison!


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