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Five scholarships for registered charitable orgs available with CPA Australia

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Five scholarships

The Australian Scholarships Foundation are offering five scholarships in partnership CPA Australia for managers and financial officers of registered charitable organisations to enhance their knowledge and skills to further contribute to the management and accountability of charitable not-for-profit organisations.

“These scholarships are an invaluable opportunity for finance managers across Australia to consolidate their qualifications with CPA Australia,” says Samantha Sayers, Chief Executive Officer of, Australian Scholarships Foundation.

Not-for-profits continue to struggle to accommodate funding to support capability building in their organisations. In 2010, the Productivity Commission identified that a major impediment to the long-term viability of Australian NFPs was a lack of critical knowledge, skills and abilities.

Australian Scholarships Foundation research shows that over 90% of our not-for-profit scholars would not have had the opportunity to study without a scholarship. Following their studies, 93% of them noted improved job performance.

CPA Program Scholarships 2022

CPA Australia is one of the world’s largest accounting bodies with more than 25,000 CPA Australia members working in senior leadership positions. The CPA Program teaches skills to help finance staff reach the next level in leadership, strategy and business.

CPA Australia and the Australian Scholarships Foundation offer five 100% scholarships that entitle recipients to enrol into the six CPA Program subjects, valued at approximately $7,740.

The CPA Program combines internationally relevant subject content and includes four compulsory subjects:

  • Ethics and Governance
  • Strategic Management Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Global Strategy and Leadership

It is a flexible distance-learning program that students can complete at their own pace supported by interactive online study tools. Students also have access to professional resources and tutorials, and study groups.

Students have six years to complete the course, including education subjects and an experience component where applicants require 36 months of full time, or the equivalent for part-time work, of relevant experience, to become a CPA.

Successful applicants will be currently employed as managers or financial officers at registered charitable not-for-profit and have at least 12 months full-time (or part-time equivalent) accounting work experience.

The scholarship recipients will choose to begin their studies in either Semester 1, late January 2022 or Semester 2 in August 2022.

The deadline date for applications is Wednesday, 20 October 2021, at 11.59pm AEDT.

Find full details on the application process and eligibility requirements at this link:

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Lourdes Antenor is an experienced writer who specialises in the not-for-profit sector and its affiliations. She is the content producer for Third Sector News, an online knowledge-based platform for and about the Australian NFP sector.


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