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Get face-to-face with events

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The most personal and compelling interaction comes through member events, fundraisers, conferences and award nights. Gathering people together in the same room allows you to speak directly and provide a persuasive live experience of your brand and its message. Training and team-building sessions, board meetings and even Christmas parties can do wonders in re-focusing and motivating staff.

Organising events can be daunting. There is much to consider, from strategic purpose and major logistics down to the small but important details like tableware and lanyards. A limited budget, conflicting priorities and a lack of specific expertise can only complicate the process.

However, the ideas, assistance and resources to overcome these problems are actually quite easy to find.

Attending an event tradeshow allows you to see hundreds of venues, caterers, entertainers and event suppliers under

one roof. The exhibitors are eager to discuss your events and offer solutions – an excellent source of expertise.

By investing time to visit a tradeshow you can collect the ideas, information and contacts that will save you time when the pressure is on.

RSVP Sydney, the leading tradeshow for the events industry, will return in July with new features and educational seminars. RSVPA will focus on the needs of personal and executive assistants, The Avenue will showcase Sydney’s finest restaurant, cafe and bar venues while the latest event entertainers perform live on the Shine Stage.

Leaders of the event industry will present RSVP Event Talks, a series of twelve educational seminars. Topics will cover the diverse spectrum of the industry, from marketing and catering to charities, budgets and emerging trends. Audiences will learn from the experience of industry veterans and hear practical advice for organising events.

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