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Giving beyond the grave

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Part of the campaign, titled ‘Include a charity, help the work live on’ is the launch of a TV advertisement that aims to change people’s behaviour and educate the public about leaving a gift in their will.

Research shows that while 70 per cent of the Australian population support charities, only 7.5 per cent of Australians over 60 leave a charitable gift in their will. If this figure increased to 14 per cent, it would create an additional $440 million for charities in Australia every year.

At the other end of the charitable giving scale, a new report has just been released that examines the motivations, attitudes and perceptions of Australia’s ‘momentous’ donators.

Wendy Scaife, Katie McDonald and Susan Smyllie wrote the report for the Queensland University of Technology’s (QUT) Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, entitled Major Gifts – A Transformational Role Donor and Charity Perspectives on Major Giving in Australia.

It investigates the stories of 50 Australians who have chosen to act philanthropically in a sizeable and ongoing way.

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