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How associations can benefit from involvement with industry events

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EcoGen – just clean energy, all clean energy

EcoGen is an independent event, supported by clean energy associations. It is Australia’s premier clean energy conference and exhibition, which brings every element of the clean energy and sustainability sector together to do business and share knowledge for industry growth.

In its first year, the EcoGen 2010 Conference and Exhibition had close to 1,000 participants, and in 2011 this number is set to soar with an increase in exhibitors, visitors, and the expansion of exhibition sales to more Chinese companies.

Benefits for associations

There are numerous reasons why associations can gain from being involved in EcoGen 2011. Apart from the publicity that is received by associations at such an industry-focussed event, associations can gain from the abundance of networking and promotional opportunities.

Furthermore, there is opportunity to hold association events at industry events such as EcoGen, which affords increased attendance and publicity. For example, the Australian Association for Hydrogen Energy formally launched their association at the EcoGen 2010 Conference in Sydney, which provided great publicity for the association’s inauguration and an unparalleled chance to target potential new members.

EcoGen 2011 has a number of associations which have already confirmed their involvement: the Energy Efficiency Council, the Sustainable Energy Association, Bioenergy Australia, the Australian Geothermal Energy Association and the Australian Association for Hydrogen Energy.

The Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) on the benefits of involvement in industry events.

What are the advantages to your association from being involved with industry events?
Industry events are a visual way of supporting the industry and provide opportunities for profiling the SEA members. Industry events also open the association to a wider network by promoting the benefits of SEA the membership and SEA programs and advocacy campaigns.

Why did you chose to be involved with EcoGen in particular?
EcoGeneration magazine is a professional dedicated publication that is diligent in supporting the renewables industry and has been an avid supporter of SEA and its development as a national organisation. Being part of EcoGen provides SEA opportunity to exhibit the benefits of membership and our flagship event Energising SEA.

Did your association grow or expand as a result of your involvement with EcoGen last year?
SEA was excited by EcoGen 2010, it provided an opportunity to network with other industry professionals and profile the association in NSW. We were exposed to a national audience as a result of our involvement.

What advice would you give to associations who are considering being involved in industry events?
Association’s main aims are to support the industry and that means supporting industry events. Members are the backbone of these organisations, without their membership industry associations have no voice or purpose.

Membership supports the association and business, by providing the financial security for advocacy, industry promotion, education and change.

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