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Insync releases research on HR challenges for NFP sector

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Based on in-depth interviews and industry data, the paper highlights budget constraints as the main cause of recruitment and retention problems.

“Differentiation is the key for NFPs to attract and retain quality staff. If NFPs don’t want to lose people to the higher paying corporate market, they need to consider creative measures such as non financial benefits,” said Insync Surveys CEO James Garriock.

“Promoting a range of benefits is fundamental; whether they be flexible work hours, succession planning, professional development or career opportunities,” added Garriock.

The research suggests that many NFP organisations attract candidates who have a strong personal belief in the mission of the organisation. As a consequence, this reduces the number of candidates from which to choose during the selection process. Often when mission-aligned people join a NFP, considerable effort and time is then required to boost their skills.

It has been reported that NFP organisations are being pushed to the limit with access to fewer resources and reduced head count. This research has uncovered instances of burnout and lower employee morale within the sector.

Insync’s research paper also offers solutions for NFP organisations to consider in order to maximise candidate selection and attract high quality talent.

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