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Invitation for not-for-profits to share ideas for a stronger sector

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Jointly launched by the Minister for Community Services, Jenny Macklin, and Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion and the Voluntary Sector, Senator Ursula Stephens, the second stage of consultations emphasises improving communication across the sectors.

Senator Stephens has encouraged key stakeholders to actively participate via submissions and consultations. The online forum is now open, allowing an easily accessible dialogue between key stakeholders.

“We want to develop a shared vision for the compact with key commitments from both the third sector and the Australian Government to make a difference in local communities,” she said.

“The Government wants to hear a broad range of views on how a national compact can help the Australian Government and the third sector work together to provide improved services to the community,” Macklin said.

“This is an opportunity to develop a framework based on partnerships and respect. A compact will allow us to work with communities to tackle key social, environmental and economic challenges.”

A joint third sector and government compact taskforce is focusing on getting stronger involvement from third sector stakeholders in the development of the compact as well as formal recognition of the contribution of non-profit organisations in the community.

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