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Mission Australia launches Winter Safe Homes Campaign to help more than 3,000 Aussies

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Mission Australia

Mission Australia’s Winter Safe Homes campaign launches to destigmatise homelessness and its causes and raise much-needed funds for people and families who are homeless through the charity’s homelessness programs and services.  

The charity appeals to the public for donations while continuing to call for more social and affordable homes to help support and prevent the increasing numbers of people being pushed into homelessness. 

“There remains a serious shortage of social and affordable housing, among rising living and rental costs as well as challenges like domestic and family violence, mental health concerns and natural disasters,” said Sharon Callister, Mission Australia CEO. 

“It’s a pressure cooker that’s causing Australia’s homelessness crisis to escalate. People who have never been homeless in their lives are facing immense hardship and are reaching out for help.”  

Sharing real stories of everyday people who have become homeless in Australia, the campaign highlights that every hour, 3,000 people in Australia seek help from homelessness services like those provided by Mission Australia (AIHW 2022). That’s 3,000 Australians. 3,000 stories. Every hour. 

Mission Australia’s campaign aims to assist more Australians, from eight-year-olds living in a garage with her father to single mothers living out of their cars with their children due to continual rent rises.   

Callister highlighted that people can help Australians to find a safe home this winter and support the vital work of Mission Australia’s frontline staff by donating to the charity’s winter appeal.   

It comes as recently released Australian Bureau of Statistics data from the 2021 Census shows more than 122,000 people are homeless in Australia; an increase of 5.2% since the 2016 Census.  

Most are facing hidden homelessness, which means they’re staying in severely overcrowded dwellings, refuges, boarding houses, or temporarily living with friends or family. 

“We know from our experience and the data that people and families who are homeless are mostly hidden from plain sight, and they often don’t see themselves as being homeless, struggling in silence,” added Callister. 

As a Christian charity focussed on ending homelessness in Australia and ensuring people and communities in need can thrive, Callister said that urgent help is needed to support and stop the growing number of people being pushed into homelessness, particularly ‘hidden homelessness’. 

“They are less likely to be on the streets, and far more likely to be facing hidden homelessness, living transient lives in insecure living conditions like a garage, couch surfing, in an overcrowded dwelling, or temporarily in places like refuges or boarding houses.” 

“Now more than ever, more support is needed. We hope people see our winter campaign and start to rethink their perceptions and understanding of homelessness and understand that it happens to people that we know like our families, colleagues, friends or neighbours.” 

Callister emphasised that every dollar contributes to ending homelessness. With donations going towards early intervention to prevent homelessness, case management with wraparound support to break the cycle of homelessness, as well as specialised support such as for people with mental health concerns or who are escaping domestic violence. 

“Our frontline workers across the country are telling us the housing situation is the worst they have seen it. There’s simply not enough affordable and appropriate housing for everyone who needs it.” 

To donate visit: or phone 1800 88 88 68. 

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Menchie Khairuddin is a writer Deputy Content Manager at Akolade and content producer for Third Sector News. She is passionate about social affairs specifically in mixed, multicultural heritage and not-for-profit organisations.


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