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Myer philanthropic-giving detailed in 2008/09 Annual Report

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The Myer Funds distributed over $11 million in their usual grant programs. This was spread across the five major focus areas of Education, Poverty and Disadvantage, Arts and Humanities, Beyond Australia and Sustainability and the Environment. Significant contributions were also made to major projects through Directors’ and Trustees’ special grants.

“As we watched the impact of the financial downturn, we decided to keep our course, and to maintain our multiple year commitments as well as our small grants to organisations and communities”, the Foundation announced in a media statement.

“Fortunately, we also had capacity to support the recovery efforts following the Victorian bushfires, and Trustees committed to support initiatives as they arose from the community planning process over the next twelve months.”

The year 2009 marked two important anniversary years in Myer philanthropy: the 75th year of the Sidney Myer Fund and the 50th year of The Myer Foundation.
“We celebrated this year by committing $28 million to large projects across Australia. The projects go beyond our usual funding programs, opening up many possibilities to follow great ideas, organisations, and people.”

The Foundation gave particular attention to several grants:

  • “Particular significance at the time of the bushfires was the installation of water tanks and pumps to 483 rural and remote CFA Brigades around Victoria.
  • “Another was the establishment of ClimateWorks Australia, in partnership with Monash University, which will focus on action and research to drive carbon emission reductions in Australia.
  • “Finally, one of the most simple but meaningful projects was committing $100,000 grants, to thirty six organisations in Australia, for their own organisational development and support.”
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