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NAB releases volunteer program review

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The review has shown that about one in five NAB employees complete some level of volunteering in a non-compulsory program that provides two paid volunteer days to all employees.

NAB said that key elements to a successful corporate volunteer program include:

  • Simplicity – A volunteer program that is easy to access and simple to use, both for employees and community organisations, helps with its administration and management and to cope with a high volume of matching.
  • Dedicated resources – A volunteer program manager provides an ongoing recruitment strategy and support structure to facilitate volunteering activities and monitors, evaluates and refines the volunteer process.
  • Awareness of risk and OH&S issues – Volunteering guidelines and policies help ensure the safety of employees and manage potential risks.
  • Strong measurement and review process – Tracking results via an accurate reporting process helps to measure progress against customer and community principles.
  • Recognition of the ongoing challenge – Volunteering is not a ‘set and forget’ process: it is a constant challenge to manage the changing needs of the community sector and employees and the risks and legal implications that present.

The company said that flexibility and choice are also important. NAB employees can choose a volunteer activity from the centrally administered NAB Volunteer Planner, or plan their own activity.

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