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New Communications Council advertises for CEO

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The Council was recently formed following the merger of the Advertising Federation of Australia (AFA), the Australasian Writers and Art Directors and the Account Planning Group.

Speaking for the AFA, chair Belinda Rowe said, “The Communications Council will offer a more influential, unified and stronger voice on issues affecting our industry and our members’ interests.”

The Council will begin operations on 1 January, 2010. The group’s tagline will be ‘Commercial creativity and connection’.

Last month, the Council elected Host chief executive, Anthony Freedman as chairman of the newly formed industry body. Freedman said: “I hope to demonstrate in a short time frame, that the Communications Council is a lot more than a rebranding of three existing organisations and will make a substantial difference to the way we position, promote, protect and educate this industry.”

Mark Champion, the current executive director of the AFA, will take on the role of acting CEO of the Council.

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