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New findings about the NFP sector

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The Community Confidence Index report, Commissioned by Westpac Social Sector Banking in partnership with Our Community, found that 47 per cent of not-for-profit (NFP) organisations have experienced an increase in overall income in the past six months, with 61 per cent expecting an increase in income in the next twelve months.

The report also found that 85 per cent of NFPs are confident about achieving their goals over the next twelve months. Surprisingly, funding is not the highest factor that is making NFPs confident of achieving their goals. Rather, their confidence stems from their ability to deliver quality products and services, as well as growing awareness of their organisations. A quarter of NFPs are also considering partnering or merging for growth.

NFPs in Western Australia lead on income trends and expectations as well as confidence in achieving their goals.

Victoria, Queensland and South Australia all scored below the Index average of 100, lacking in areas such as income expectations, income trends, and value and recognition.

NFPs are concerned about staffing, with one third stating that their organisation does not attract enough skilled staff. This is likely to be due to that fact that many NFPs struggle to compete with the financial remuneration of their corporate counterparts.

Our Community Managing Director Denis Moriarty said the results of the Index provide insights into the complex challenges and opportunities facing the full range of industries that make up the NFP sector.

“It will be an interesting trend to watch as we continue to roll out this measurement tool and shine a light on a sector that has not commanded as much attention as it should have to date.”

The Community Confidence Index report surveyed 977 organisations and is one of the largest research studies conducted by a financial institution in Australia to focus on the NFP sector.

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