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NFP and government partnership for international aid

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In recognition of the significant involvement that both sectors have in international development activities, the agreement was signed by the Parliamentary Secretary for International Development Bob McMullan and the President of ACFID, the Hon Margaret Reid.

Under the agreement, the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) and ACFID are committed to mutual principles in providing development assistance in a wide range of policy and program areas, including sustainability, gender, people with a disability, participation and good governance, and the involvement of the Australian community.

Commenting on the collaborative agreement, the Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion and the Voluntary Sector Senator Ursula Stephens said “The government and non-government sectors each bring to the partnership their individual strengths and expertise, enabling Australia’s efforts to be much more productive and sustainable.

“There are lessons to learn from the development of this partnership agreement and its implementation as the Government develops a compact with the wider Australian non-profit sector which will outline how the two will work together to improve and strengthen their relationship.”

McMullan acknowledged the contribution of former ACFID Executive Director Paul O’Callaghan (who filled the role for four years) to realising the agreement, and congratulated him on his new position as Chief Executive of Reconciliation Australia.

“We wish Paul well and look forward to welcoming the new head of ACFID.”

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