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Organisations to receive tax deductible status

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Environment and climate change organisations

Eleven organisations involved in the fight against climate change and helping to preserve and protect the environment have been granted tax deductible status.

They have been added to the register of environmental organisations, meaning Australians can now claim a tax deduction for gifts to these groups.

The eleven organisations are:

  • The Climate Institute (Australia) Ltd
  • The Australian Coral Reef Society Inc
  • Little River Landcare Group Inc
  • Millennium Kids Inc
  • Namoi Valley Environmental Protection Association Inc
  • River, Lakes and Coorong Action Group Inc
  • RiverSmart Australia Ltd
  • Save Our Waterways – Now Inc
  • South Gippsland Landcare Network Inc
  • Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter Inc
  • The Peter Cullen Water and Environment Trust.

“The Rudd Government is doing its bit to help these organisations protect and enhance the natural environment and work to protect our nation from the ravages of climate change,” Senator Sherry said.

“At a time when the Australian community is watching international developments in climate change and the environment very closely, these 11 environmental organisations can now step forward and make an even bigger contribution.”

“Every day individuals, community groups and organisations across the country are out working on our natural landscapes to protect and improve the health of the environment and we want to support Australians who donate to these organisations doing valuable work,” Minister Garrett said.

“These groups span a remarkable array of Australian environmental causes, from wildlife rescue, waterway protection and rehabilitation and work to protect our sea country and coral reefs, reflecting the wide range of environmental priorities that we have in this country.”

Further information on the register of environmental organisations is available at

Australian aid funds

The organisations sport aid projects in a wide variety of developing countries including Bali, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Nepal, Somalia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan and Uganda.

The eight organisations are:

  • The Marsh Foundation
  • Tabitha Foundation Australia
  • Teachers Across Borders Australia Inc
  • Tradewinds Tea & Coffee Pty Ltd
  • Australian Doctors for Africa
  • The Mitrataa Foundation
  • Caring & Living As Neighbours
  • Australia Bringing Hope.

“I have approved these eight organisations as developing country relief funds to help them continue their important work overseas in Australia’s name,” said Senator Sherry.

“The Rudd Government wants to do all it can to help the spread of philanthropy and charitable works, whether it’s at home or in regions abroad that need charitable aid and assistance.

“All eight of these organisations I am announcing today have established public funds that meet the requirements of the Income Tax Assessment Act and Australians giving to these funds will be able to claim a tax deduction.

“These funds are part of a long tradition of Australian organisations delivering assistance in developing countries. They play an important role in bringing relief and hope to people all over the world and also help Australia’s overseas relations.

“I also applaud them for giving young Australians the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in environments that will stay with them forever,” said Senator Sherry.

Deductibility of gifts to Bali Peace Park Association

The Association was established to raise funds to acquire the Sari Club site in Bali and create a garden in memory of the victims of the terrorist bomb attack on 12 October 2002.

“The 2002 Bali disaster was a tragedy that affected the whole of Australia and the Rudd Government commends the Association on its work in remembering the victims,” Senator Sherry said.

“The listing of the Association as a deductible gift recipient will assist the Association to attract funds for this purpose. Subject to the legislation’s passage through Parliament, deductions for gifts to the Association will apply for a period of 2 years from today.

“The Government wishes the Association well in its efforts to preserve the Sari Club site as a fitting memorial to those who tragically lost their lives.”

Legislation to amend the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 to give effect to this announcement will be introduced as soon as practicable.

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