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PetRescue wins Outstanding Achievement Award 2021

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PetRescue Australia has been crowned the winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award in this year’s Charity Awards, in recognition of initiatives that have significantly benefited the animal welfare space.

They include its innovative pet adoption website and listing management platform which has made an incredible difference to the rescue community.

PetRescue’s supporting programs and services, such as, large scale food donations, pet transport programs and product donations, have provided more than $10.5 million dollars worth of support to help pets in need across Australia.

In response to the global pandemic’s impact on the animal welfare sector, PetRescue once again looked to innovate. This time, by leveraging the capability of the digital platform to transform the pet adoption space and launching a pilot program, Home2Home. The success of the pilot as a safe and supportive alternative to surrendering has resulted in it becoming a mainstay program.

“We’re incredibly humbled to be recognised as the winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award,” said Patima Tantiprasut, Managing Director. “We’re forever pushing forward knowing that there’s still such a long way to go until every pet in Australia is safe, respected, and loved.”

“What we’ve achieved so far wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our pet-loving community of supporters, our major partners, and the huge heart and efforts of the incredible rescue community in Australia.

“This year we reached a milestone of helping more than 719,000 pets on their journeys to find homes. We did this by staying true to our mission and continuing to do what we’re good at; moving fast, embracing innovation, challenging ideas, leveraging technology, and championing for change.

Change and transformation takes time so to realise that we’ve made so much progress to date, and to be acknowledged for it, is encouraging to us.”


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1 Comment

  1. Jennifer Hunt November 3, 2021

    What a truly well deserved award for PetRescue!
    Huge hearts and dedication making an enormous difference to animals, people and Australia.


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