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Plant Life Balance unveils rebrand with Charlie Albone

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Plant Life Balance

Plant Life Balance, a recognised leader in Australia’s green space industry since 2007 announces a new vision and mission for 2022 with the initiatives complete rebranding as Greener Spaces Better Places.

To front the newly rebranded platform, Greener Spaces Better Places has enlisted Ambassador Charlie Albone, a key partner in encouraging Australians to feel confident in bringing the power of plants into their homes, both indoors and outdoors.

Launched in 2007, the non-profiting initiative Plant Life Balance earned its stripes – including a Webby Award – for mobilising Australians of all ages to create and style greener indoor spaces. The brand’s transition to Greener Spaces Better Places will encompass a fast burgeoning audience at a time when consumers are making their indoor and outdoor surroundings not only an extracurricular activity but a personal tranquil sanctuary.

The move comes as a response to individuals spending an increased amount of time at home due to voluntary lockdowns and therefore up close and personal with their plants, gardens, and public green space.

Charlie Albone, Greener Spaces Better Places Ambassador said “As someone who’s out in the garden every day, it’s great to be working with Greener Spaces Better Places to get Aussies excited and confident about greening their homes. There’s a green thumb in us all, and we’re seeing this now more than ever as people turn to gardening – successfully – for the first time since lockdowns. I’m looking forward to sharing my story and top tips so more aspiring gardeners can feel confident to get out there and get their hands dirty!”

The writing is on the wall that plants and gardening activities are helping Australians during this time of global uncertainty.

Toni Salter, Horticultural Therapist says, “Tending to a garden or potted plants can reduce mental fatigue and feelings of stress. Seeing seeds we have sown germinate, or watching plants we’ve grown begin to flower and harvest homegrown vegetables gives us a great sense of gratification and feelings of success. This can help improve our self-esteem, give us hope and develop a more positive outlook ahead.”

The Greener Spaces Better Places Simple Science tells us the benefits of plants on our well-being is something that has been researched for over fifty years. The studies show that plants have the ability to create feelings of relaxation and positivity.

Charlie Albone, Greener Spaces Better Places Ambassador said “There are many ways to use plants to help enhance Australian gardens and homes whether it’s a small apartment or a larger property. Plants and flowers in the home not only contribute to the aesthetic and air quality but it is also likely to increase the value of your property.

Every personal green space counts towards a greener Australia, and Greener Spaces Better Places will empower Australians to bring the power of plants into every home.

There are various resources and experts to help consumers pick the right plant for their space, growing location and everyday lifestyles. Head to a local nursery, or for inspiration, education, and to hear more from Greener Spaces Better Places ambassador Charlie Albone, visit @greenerspacesbetterplaces

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