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Practical approaches to making social inclusion a reality

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A socially inclusive Australia is one where all citizens have the opportunities and resources required to learn, gain employment, engage with their communities and have a voice. It is a very different Australia to the one we live in today where approximately five per cent of citizens aged 15 years and over face multiple disadvantages.

Following their election in 2007, the Rudd Government announced a commitment to decreasing disadvantage and building a more inclusive society. They established a national Social Inclusion Board, put together the Social Inclusion Toolkit and put in place mechanisms that encourage greater collaboration between governments and NGO’s.

With the foundations laid, it’s now up to our Federal and State Government Departments/Agencies, Local Councils and the NGO sector to make social inclusion a reality.

Towards Social Inclusion Conference

The conference is a series of practically focused presentations from Federal and State Government Departments, NGO’s, Local Government and leading thinkers in this space. If you are looking to hear practical advice, real case studies and workable solutions then this conference is for you.

Attend and you will take away:

  • A greater understanding of Australia’s social inclusion agenda
  • Strategies for weaving a social inclusion focus into policies and programs going forward
  • A greater understanding of other sectors with whom it is important to collaborate
  • Practical advice on how to focus your organisations work to build a more socially inclusive Australia.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Dr John Falzon, National President and National Council CEO, St Vincent de Paul Society
  • Kerry Graham, Chief Executive Officer, The Inspire Foundation
  • Damian Ferrie, Executive Director, Community Programs Department of Planning and Community Development, VIC
  • Desley Hargreaves, National Manager, Social Work Services Centrelink
  • View the full list of speakers

If you register before 12 February and you can save up to $600

We look forward to seeing you there!

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