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Raising awareness of ‘green technology’

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ComputersOff.ORG is coordinating the online event, which runs from 1-7 June.

An online virtual conference, from 1-3 June, will be a key feature of the week.

With a total of 20 presentations over three days, the conference agenda includes:

  • What’s GREEN got to do with I.T.?
  • Green IT Implementation & Best Practice
  • Going Green: Quantifying the Benefits of Green IT Strategies and Solutions
  • From ICT supply chain sustainability to ICT tools that can help to measure, certify, lower the impact of the supply chain.

“Attendees can learn from Green IT experts, network, chat directly with other attendees, speakers and exhibitors in the comfort of their own home,” said ComputersOff.ORG’s CEO Bianca Wirth.

“Presentations will be run across multiple global time zones and can be viewed on demand if you miss the session. Our speakers will also be available post-presentation to chat live with the audience.”

ComputersOff.ORG is a non-profit organisation that aims to engage with and educate individuals and corporations on the environmental footprint of technology, and assist them in reducing the related greenhouse gas emissions produced by technology.

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