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Recognition for Victorian community services

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The Victorian Community Sector Award, announced at the 2010 Think Innovation Summit, recognised Victoria’s most innovative community organisations.

The Victorian Minister for Community Development Lily D’Ambrosio said that all twelve finalists highlighted the outstanding contribution community sector organisations made to the lives of all Victorians.

“Victoria has one of the strongest community sectors in the country, with over 120,000 not-for-profit and community organisations that touch on almost every aspect of community life – from education and the environment, across health and social services, to religion and sport,” D’Ambrosio said.

“The Victorian community sector contributes more than $2 billion in services to our communities each year in sometimes difficult circumstances but through this summit, and with ongoing support from the Government, the sector will continue to thrive.”

The Awards were organised into four categories:

  • New approaches to managing administrative or compliance tasks
  • New approaches to workforce challenges
  • New approaches to partnerships with philanthropy and business
  • New ways to engage with the local community.

Meanwhile, a new, state-of-the-art computer matching service has been launched in Victoria, linking volunteers with organisations needing their skills or time:

D’Ambrosio said that the new matching service would make it easier for community organisations to attract volunteers and that the website provided a one-stop-shop of resources and inspiration to support volunteers and organisations.

“We know that the way people want to volunteer is changing, and this new service makes it easier for people to find a volunteering opportunity that’s right for them,” she said.

D’Ambrosio said the new service and website were part of a suite of activities from the Brumby Labor Government to sustain volunteering.

“The $9.3 million Victorian Volunteering Strategy recognises the importance of volunteering and aims to make it easier for people to volunteer, while supporting volunteer-based organisations,” she said.

“It’s also one of the six focus areas for the Respect Agenda which promotes respectful behaviour and encourages people to get involved in their local community.

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