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Report Card on Poverty launch

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Led by social entrepreneur Nic Bolto, The Difference is underpinned by the research of Access Economics, and lists indicators of disadvantage, poverty and exclusion in Australia.

An annual report card in the form of a magazine, The Difference identifies ten key indicators of poverty and provides an investment pathway to support specific projects that will help make a difference to each indicator.

The projects are led by not-for-profits like Youth Projects and Maroodah Halfway House – identified by the magazine as organisations with reputation, capacity and a track record of success, which are empowering people to become productive members of society.

“Our goal is to bring the issues, the people and solutions together in one place providing a clear action plan for how you can help,” said Bolto.

‘Sadly the research shows we are becoming less inclusive as a society.”

‘We want readers to ask themselves ‘Are these stories and statistics acceptable in Australia in 2011?’ If not, then “What am I personally going to do to change them?”‘

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