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‘Social Media for Good’: New platform raises $1000 for charity in 2 months

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A new social media company has raised over $1000 for charities just two months since its launch in January this year.

GoPoolit allows users to show how much they enjoy a post by swapping out the traditional “like” button with a micro-donation function they call “pooling”. Users tag a charity in every post they create and their followers then “pool” tiny amounts of money onto the post.

The platform — which is free to use and post on, has over 60 international charities listed, covering a range of causes including environmentalism, cancer research, mental health, animal welfare, international development, autism support and homelessness.

Non-profits and charities have been feeling an immense amount of pressure. In previous years, conventional methods of fundraising have faltered. The new platform aims these methods by making fundraising possible outside physical events that are now hampered by the ongoing pandemic.

Furthermore, there is also an equal demand from social media users for a new platform focused on social good. According to the Pew Research Center, almost two-thirds of Americans think that social media has a mostly negative impact on the state of their country.

With users becoming increasingly disengaged with the policies and practices of many platforms, GoPoolit is the perfect chance to hit the reset button on their digital lives and use social media for good.

Joshua Helmer, Head of Communications for GoPoolit, said:

“We’re so happy to have reached our first major milestone in such a short space of time. As a result of the hard work our team have put in over the last year, we’re now in a position to deliver much needed funds to some incredible charities. It won’t be long before we’re raising this amount and more every week and we’ll have done it by using the power of social media to make a positive change in the world.

Users come on a post the same things they would on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. The only difference is that our users are choosing to take their content and use it to generate income for organisations that to incredible work.

GoPoolit has the potential to revolutionise our digital lives. We’re focusing on micro-donations as we believe that, when we create something together, the smallest gestures can have the biggest impact.”

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Pearl Dy is a community manager and journalist. She is passionate about business and development particularly involving not-for-profits, charity and social entrepreneurship.


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