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Social Traders response to Productivity Commission Report

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Although the report does not address the Social Enterprise Sector in great detail, Social Traders felt it appropriate to respond to a number of the Commission’s recommendations as the NFP and Social Enterprise Sectors are strongly interconnected, and significant developments in the NFP Sector will no doubt impact on the work of social enterprises throughout the country.

“We believe that social enterprise can play a vital role in the future success of the NFP Sector through the development of new and innovative approaches to trading and service delivery, mixed economy approaches to NFP income sources, and the application of new business models within the NFP Sector,” said Social Traders.

Their Statement encompassed comments in the following areas:

  • Developing a framework for the not for profit sector
  • A social enterprise action plan
  • Working with governments
  • Accessing the right finance
  • Data, information and measurement
  • Developing the sector
  • Smarter and simpler regulation of the sector.

Social Traders ends their statement with a strong comment of support for the Productivity Commission Draft Report.

“We believe it is a timely piece of work and lays the foundation stones for an overarching strategic framework that can assist all stakeholders and improve the NFP Sector’s contribution to both the Australian economy and society. We strongly support the Productivity Commission’s recommendation on new models of engagement between Australian governments and the NFP Sector.

“We believe that the Social Enterprise Sector has the potential to add value to the work of the NFP Sector through new and innovative ways of doing business. The sector also has the capacity to engage with some of our most socially and economically disadvantaged communities and to come up with sustainable outcomes that can make a difference.

“Our proposal for a Social Enterprise Action Plan is about creating a platform that all critical stakeholders can use as the basis for an agreed medium to long term roadmap for the Social Enterprise Sector. We have experienced the energy and commitment that has taken the Social Enterprise Sector to where it is now. We believe the time is right to create the framework that will channel these qualities and move the Social Enterprise Sector forward as a new way of doing business in the Australian context.”

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