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Spinal Life Australia backs calls to “Let pensioners work”

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Spinal Life Australia

Spinal Life Australia urges the Federal Government and the Opposition to take to the polls with a single policy to help address this election’s two biggest issues – the cost of living and aged care.

Spinal Life Australia CEO Mark Townend said the disability sector is one of many, along with the aged care sector that is buckling because the supply of workers simply is not meeting the increasing demand of those in need.

“This election is an opportunity for the leaders of this country to be inspirational and finally make a positive and lasting difference by taking to the polls National Seniors Australia’s “Let Pensioners Work” policy Let pensioners work! – National Seniors Australia that would enable pensioners to earn income and meet cost of living pressures while also easing critical labour force shortages in disability and aged care,” Townend said.

“I cannot for the life of me work out why this hasn’t been considered previously as it would provide willing employees with a wealth of knowledge, skills and a dedicated work ethic for sectors struggling to attract adequate numbers of staff.”

For every $1 work income over $480 per fortnight ($12,480 pa), a pensioner loses 50c of their fortnightly pension. With pension income also taxable, many question why they should bother working.

Townend said the government could allow all aged pensioners to earn some extra income without effecting their pension or pension benefits.

“As an employer in the disability sector constantly struggling to employ staff, this change could make an immediate difference to the available pool of staff. High-quality staff result in high quality care and more workers are needed to maintain and improve the care within our sector.

“The Let Pensioners Work policy represents great news for the Federal Budget – as these additional employees would pay tax, while also relieving recent cost-of-living pressures.

“We believe this policy represents the type of sound decision making that Australians are sorely missing in Federal politics. Let Pensioners Work is an election-winning policy that would resonate with all Australians Instead of fluffy policy positions that most Australians don’t understand. We call on all candidates in the Federal Election to back this policy.”


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