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Strategies to Increase Donations During Fundraising Events

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Fundraising events require a lot of planning, time, and energy so it is important to raise as much money as possible at any fundraiser.

The question of how to maximize donations during a fundraising event may be answered in several ways as follows, depending on the nature of the event and the attendees.

1. Capture Attendees’ Information

Take advantage of having a group of people who are interested in the cause being supported gathered in one place to collect their information including name, address, phone, email, business, and payment method. Gather as much information as possible.

Be sure to emphasize and assure them that the information collected will not be used outside of the organization associated with the event and be sure to store the information securely.

This information is invaluable for follow-up and for ongoing or recurring donations, as well as for writing the vital important thank you notes to donors and non-donors alike, which should be sent within a week of the event.

2. Entice Attendees to Give

The people at the event are there because they are interested in the cause which is being supported or because of the other people who are in attendance. Take advantage of their interest in the cause by telling them what a difference their donation will make and why it is needed.

The request should be expressed with sincere urgency and perhaps some flattery towards donors for their generosity. Setting a scenario with a little competition among donors can work favorably in fundraising efforts. A live screen which reflects the growing amount of donations can encourage attendees to donate. Also, explain what donors receive in exchange for their donation.

3. Make the Donation Process Seamless

While cash and checks are certainly welcome and accepted at fundraising events, donation software, such as Donorbox, allow for safe and secure donations, facilitate ongoing donations, and accept multiple currencies.

Donors and fundraisers alike value the safety and security and appreciate the ease of giving electronically. Depending on the platform, attendees’ information may be safely collected and stored if desired for future reference.

4. Give Donors Options

Other options for donating are mobile giving, or text-to-give, pledges, and recurring monthly or annual donations.

Understanding and knowing the preferences of the age group, social status, and liquidity of the donor group attending the event helps determine what options are best. In some situations with a diverse population in attendance, the more options, the better!

5. Raise Friends Too

While raising money for the cause is the primary goal of a fundraising event, “friend raising” for the cause or organization is likewise significant. People who are impressed with the event and the organization will be loyal and will spread the word about the cause. This in itself can be the most valuable outcome of a fundraising event.

Use these strategies to make a fundraising event worthwhile and effective. All the hard work can pay off greatly in the long run.

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