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Survey invitation: Managing in a Downturn Part Two

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Following the Managing in a Downturn report, released in July 2009, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Fundraising Institute Australia and the Centre for Social Impact are conducting further research regarding the ongoing effects of the economic downturn in the Australian nonprofit sector.

This second Managing in a Downturn survey will consider the effects of the downturn in the second half of 2009, and measure whether the actual impact on nonprofit income streams and activities was similar to the anticipated impacts.

The previous Managing in a Downturn report revealed that charities have already experienced a drop in their donations, and were expecting this decline to continue.

With your help, this survey will assess the current state of charities in Australia, and give an indication of what the sector expects in the future.

The survey closes on 4 December 2009 and is due for release in February 2010.

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