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The perfect venue for your event

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A venue that is too large will lack atmosphere and make guests feel self-conscious, yet too small is simply uncomfortable. Consider if the venue is able to ‘grow’, should your event sell well.


Take the time to do a site visit, preferably when the venue is set up, so that you can get a feel for what it will be like.


Consider professional event organisers– they often have long-term relationships with venues and can get a better price than booking direct, plus their knowledge of the venue means they will know what works in the space.

Book ahead

Book well in advance, especially with large events that are held on the weekend. For an annual event, you could even book a year ahead.


Consider changeability and look into contingencies in the event of rain or extreme heat.

The menu

A menu tasting is a great way to select your food and is also a great opportunity to invite potential beverage sponsors who could support your event. You should not have to pay for a tasting from a venue, especially as you are bringing them business.


Stamp your event by theming a venue. Consider the entire flow of the evening from a guest’s perspective. What will be the first thing the guests see as they arrive and remain as their lasting impression?


What can the venue supply and what is included, for example, an in-built stage, audiovisual equipment, green rooms for talent, additional storage or meeting rooms?

Run sheet

Supply the venue with your run sheet so they can work with your entertainment.


Look into parking and transport. Ask if you can get a special group parking or accommodation rate for any interstate guests, or for those wanting to make a big night out of your event.

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