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Top 5 Fundraising Ideas That Are Kind To The Planet

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Fundraising plays an essential part in operating a non-profit organisation, and is an important source of income for many charities, community groups and schools. It has become increasingly critical over the last two years, with charities in particular experiencing more demand for services alongside fewer donations.

Fundraising efforts aren’t always the most environmentally-friendly initiatives, often involving large events, unnecessary expenses and waste. However, there are many easy ways that you can raise additional funds while being sustainable, and engaging supporters.

Here are top five fundraising ideas that are kind to the planet.

Local garage sale

Garage sales are a great way for locals to make some extra cash, and it can be the same for any not-for-profit organisations. Rather than throwing out old junk you no longer need, sell them by holding a garage sale for the community. This helps the environment by creating no waste and extending the lifecycle of your old goods. Encourage your members and employees to contribute their own items they no longer need to the garage sale, increasing potential proceeds from sales.

Gather your recyclable drink containers

Hold on to your bottles and cans and take them to a TOMRA reverse vending machine to recycle them for a 10c refund for each container. Encourage your members, employees, supporters, family and friends to also collect their containers, and give some of the refunds to a  local charity, school, sport club or community group. Not only is this an easy way to raise extra funds, recycling using these reverse vending machines are also a great family friendly activity. It’s an opportunity to teach kids about money, recycling and the importance of giving back.

Pledge your birthday

It can be hard for many of us to come up with a birthday wish list every year. So, why not pledge your birthday to raise funds instead? Ask your friends and family to send a donation to your preferred charity instead of buying you a gift. This means the day will be dedicated to raising additional funds, and removes any potential gifts that will likely end up in landfill.

Sustainable fundraising luncheon

Hosting a fundraising luncheon is an effective way to raise donations, which is why they are so popular! However, there is an opportunity to make them more environmentally friendly. Do something different by serving an entirely plant-based menu. Reducing our reliance on meat products is not only good for the environment but also good for the animals! Alongside this, you can also ensure that the event is plastic free by removing things like plastic plates, cutlery, cups and straws.

Hold a lemonade stand

For an easy way to raise funds while getting supporters engaged (especially the little ones) go old school by holding a lemonade stand. Lemonade stands leave a very small environmental footrpint and are especially great if you are raising funds for a school or other organisation with kids. Running a lemonade stand teaches them about money, team work, communication and hard work, and is also fun!

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