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Winners of Premier’s Sustainability Awards announced

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Two not-for-profit organisations, FareShare and SecondBite, have been announced as joint winners of the Premier’s Sustainability Awards Community Category.

The joint winners and runner-up, the Alternative Technology Association, were recognised for their innovative approach and commitment to rising to the challenge of change.

The theme for this year’s Awards was how organisations have ‘risen to the challenge of change’, with the aim of this theme to acknowledge that becoming sustainable is not an easy task for business, government and community, but that it is a necessary one.

In 2009 FareShare saved 400 tonnes of food from going to landfill, and SecondBite saved 700 tonnes.

Food waste sent to landfill has a significant impact on the environment, and often results in the production of methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than CO2.

SecondBite distributes food to people who are homeless, living in disadvantaged circumstances or experiencing food security issues, and FareShare delivers meals directly to over 100 Melbourne charities.

The Alternative Technology Association promotes sustainable technology and practice through advocacy or government and the provision of services to members who are using good building design, conserving water and using renewable energy in their homes.

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