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Aussies urged to donate more to op shops

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As it nears the season for spring cleaning, Australians are being encouraged to donate their unwanted items to charity op shops.
National op shop week kicked off on Sunday, with charities including the Australian Red Cross, St Vincent de Paul Society and The Salvation Army are saying they need more donations to provide services to the nation’s vulnerable.
Craig Reucassel, who recently shone a light on Australia’s waste management on the ABC’s War on Waste program, says people throw out an enormous amount of unwanted clothes each year rather than donating them.
He says there are no proper recycling options for clothing other than op shops, and advised people to donate items during the day rather than dumping them outside.
“They get weed on by dogs or stolen by other people, so make sure you give it to them when they’re actually open,” he said.
The op shop week ambassador encouraged people to volunteer at op shops, so the charities could direct their costs to charity work.
National op shop week continues until September 2.

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