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Bid for success – securing and marketing international events

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Securing the bid

Bidding for international events is the core activity of Business Events Sydney (BES), and they submit approximately 80 association bids per year. Virginia Loyola, Head of Bidding at BES says they have had a 70 per cent success over the past five years.

“Business Events Sydney uses its experience and expertise (as well as four international offices) to prepare a comprehensive bid strategy for each bid. We take on many of the administrative tasks and provide our clients with professional bid documents, presentations (giveaways, PowerPoint slides and videos), lobbying support and logistical expertise for site visits without cost to the association.”

“Bidding sometimes starts many years before the event, as the management structures of associations means that decision-making processes can take some time and need to be fair and transparent,” she says.

The importance of marketing

Marketing the conference to potential delegates is a key part of ensuring the success of the event.

“Associations are not-for-profit, but that does not mean that they are not-for-revenue. The international (one-off) conference is often a revenue stream and at the very least, should not lose money,” says Loyola.

Marketing the destination, as well as creating an attractive program (speakers, tutorials, exhibition, technical tours, and social program) are important elements of running a successful association conference.

Attracting delegates

Australia’s location presents particular problems for international events, so Loyola suggests specific strategies for different geographic markets.

“With a clever bid strategy that demonstrates the benefits of hosting an international conference in Australia, objections of cost and distance can be overcome. We have strengths of experience and organisational skills, plus the Australian host association is often highly respected internationally,” she says

Support from BES

After the bid is won, BES supports the host committee to optimise the opportunities the event has to attract international delegates through activities such as:

  • Assisting the set up of appropriate communication channels for marketing
  • Promoting the Sydney event through related local and international events
  • Outlining a public relations plan to raise the profile of the event.
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