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New disability recruitment service website in NSW

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The new website, carecareers, was launched by the National Disability service with funding from the New South Wales Government. The website is a recruitment and careers service designed to build a skilled workforce and raise awareness about what it’s really like to work in the sector.

carecareers spokesperson Kate More said “We know that demand for services will rise in coming years. That means there will be a huge number of jobs in a variety of roles, offering workers plenty opportunity to climb the career ladder.

“Thousands of full and part-time jobs will be up for grabs. We’re not looking for angels or heroes – we’re offering skilled workers rewarding work in providing crucial services that touch the lives of every one of us.”

Alison Peters, Director of the NSW Council of Social Service, said “Paid care work is critical and challenging but makes a huge difference for individuals and the community at large.

“carecareers is a great initiative that helps meet the growing demand for skilled workers in this vital, but often overlooked, sector by raising awareness of the work to be done and the opportunities available.”

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