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Senator Stephens congratulates inaugural Social Enterprise graduates

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The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) Australia is a new not-for-profit venture that provides professional support and enterprise development mentoring for social enterprises and the entrepreneurs driving them. Based on the SSE in the UK which has been operating for 10 years, SSE Australia runs year-long programs to support entrepreneurial individuals to establish sustainable community projects and initiatives that meet social and community needs.

The Australian Government has supported the School for Social Entrepreneurs with $1.2 million from the Innovation Fund.

“The 17 students in the graduating class have shown impressive entrepreneurial drive and an innovative approach to addressing social needs,” said Senator Stephens.

CEO of the School, Benny Callaghan, said that the 17 graduating students are responsible for employing 36 community members in paid positions and over 189 as volunteers. He said that since their involvement in the School the students have attracted over $2.5 million in investment.

Callaghan said that the enthusiasm, tenacity and business acumen of these graduates should ensure the success of these social enterprises in offering local solutions to people in the community who face particular challenges in finding work.

“We have seen amazing results from our students to date with many developing the confidence, networks and skills to make their projects more effective and sustainable. Our students have secured funding, developed partnerships and delivered significant social impact in their communities.”

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